Our Mission

Phinney’s Friends is an all-volunteer nonprofit that helps low-income people in Massachusetts keep their pets when they are going through hardships. We believe that the human-animal bond is a source of love, joy, comfort, and fulfillment for both people and their pets. That’s why we help people keep this bond with their animals.

We do everything in our power to make sure animals and their beloved owners can stay together – we educate pet owners, take their animals to the vet, help pay vet bills, foster pets when owners are hospitalized, walk dogs and care for cats on a regular basis.

We are a volunteer-based organization, so we depend on you to get the job done. Would you like to volunteer? Find out more here.


Phinney’s Friends was founded in 1996 as an MSPCA program, in honor of Bill Phinney, an MSPCA Humane Law Enforcement officer. Originally Phinney’s Friends assisted HIV/AIDS clients with their companion animals. Over the years, services expanded to include low-income clientele with disabilities and the elderly.

In 2009, Phinney’s Friends became an independent nonprofit. And since then it has expanded, helping anyone who is low-income, and providing more services, such as assistance with pet emergencies and pet food deliveries. Find out more about our history here.