About Us

We do everything in our power to keep pets and their beloved owners together.

Phinney's (or Phinney's Friends) is a registered nonprofit that helps low-income people in Massachusetts keep their pets. Our volunteers educate pet parents, take pets to the vet, foster animals when their parents are hospitalized, walk dogs and care for cats. Donations help us buy pet food and supplies, and assist low-income people with vet bills and boarding.

The most common services we provide are…

  • Advice to people on pet care
  • Payment of impending vet bills
  • Purchase and delivery of pet supplies
  • In-home cat care for chronically ill pet parents (litter box changing, nail clipping, brushing)
  • In-home dog care for chronically ill pet parents (walks, nail clipping, brushing)
  • Pet fostering and boarding when pet parents are hospitalized
  • Pet transportation for vet visits and foster situations, when pet parent in hospitalized

Phinney’s helps pet owners in many ways. Some need regular support, some need help only once.

EverCare Program

Assists pet owners living with chronic illnesses or disabilities, or owners who have pets with chronic issues. We help with monthly visits, litter box cleaning, dog walking, nail trims, administering medications to pets, and fostering while their parents are hospitalized.

Also offers financial help with regular vet checks, pet medications, tests, emergency vet bills, and boarding.

Pet Boost Program

Distributes pet food and supplies to cats and dogs whose parents are going through a financial hardship that requires ongoing help for a period of time. These families are not necessarily struggling with a disabling illness but may have lost their job or fled from an abusive household.

This program also offers financial help with regular vet checks, pet medications, tests, emergency vet bills and boarding for these families.

Emergency Program

Helps with one-time needs to solve problems that are putting the pet at risk of being euthanized or surrendered. This could be a vet bill, pet surgery, boarding, dog license, etc. 


Phinney’s Friends manages targeted funds to help different pet parents, endowed by people or groups interested in supporting people going through specific issues in Massachusetts.


Liam’s Fund

Phinney’s Liam’s Fund was created in 2016 to financially support low-income families in Massachusetts who are struggling to cover the expenses with their diabetic dogs. The fund was established with resources from The Deirdre Dickinson Memorial Fund, in honor of her nephew, Liam.

Phinney’s Ride Fund

Phinney’s Ride is a non-competitive bicycle ride that takes place every other year to raise funds for low-income pet parents in Massachusetts living with HIV or AIDS. The group of riders travels to Stow MA to Fitzwilliam NH and back in two days, with an overnight stop at a cabin in New Hampshire. Each of them has the goal of raising at least $500 for this Fund.

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